No. 11 Maryland Terrapins finish a two-game road trip in high fashion

The No. 11 Terps finished their two-game road trip in style defeating Nebraska in a revenge game. After taking a tough loss in their first in December the Terps from tipoff were ready.

Here is a breakdown of the Weekend series

The Keys to Victory!

The defense was the tone setter

Watching how Maryland’s defense on this road trip was a huge x-factor even though the opponent matchup was different in terms of season performance. Maryland’s defense was bent but don’t break.

In the second matchup against Nebraska, from a defensive matchup Maryland kept Nebraska 14 first-half points. Against Wisconsin the Terps’ press defense was key. If the Terps for 40 minutes play grit defense they can hang with some of the upcoming tough matchups.

Diamond Miller & Shyenne Sellers are great but where is everyone else?

I want to make this very clear this team has silenced critics but one thing is still unclear the roles on the team need some clarification. Other than Brinae Alexander, Maryland starting five, and Lavender Briggs (who is working her way back from injury) has to find ways to score the ball. Yes, this is a run-through-the-guard offense, however, the shot selection, and using the shot clock as an advantage is something that needs to change whether it is creating shots, or even giving confidence.

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