NFL power rankings 11-20

Tom Brady throwing a pass

11. New England Patriots- The defensive line is a concern for the Patriots. Look for Tom Brady to have a better season than he did last year. The star wide receivers might be getting older but Randy Moss still has something left in the tank.

12. Atlanta Falcons- Matt Ryan has shown that he can be a top quarterback in the NFL. Two games against the Saints will be tough but this could be a playoff team.

13. Houston Texans- I rate them higher than other publications because they have a quarterback that can get it done. In a quarterback driven league that proves big. They also have wide receivers and a solid pass rush.

14. San Fransisco 49ers- If they can get consistent play out of their quarterback they should be a solid team. The defense plays tough and they got weapons on the offense that could hurt even the best teams.

15. New York Giants- When comparing teams I always look at the quarterback first and last. The Giants might be the last team in these rankings that have a solid quarterback,  and the talent around him is not bad either.

16. Miami Dolphins- They made improvements in the offseason by bringing in wide receiver Brandon Marshall, and they have a good coaching staff that has them playing hard every game.

17. Tennessee Titans- They got one of the best running backs in the game. Chris Johnson can change the game at any moment. There are concerns with quarterback Vince Young, a reason they are at 17.

18. Chicago Bears- Real wild card with quarterback Jay Cutler. If Julius Peppers comes to play this could be an okay team, but they play in a very hard division.

19. Carolina Panthers- The quarterbacks are really going down hill from here… Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen in a QB battle.

20. Arizona Cardinals- The reason I have this team so low is the quarterback situation. Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson have not proven anything to me. They lost a lot of talented players this offseason.

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