Premier Lacrosse League Has Monumental Weekend in Dallas

The Premier Lacrosse League wrapped up week six of their regular season in Dallas which was full of high flying action and a couple good ol’ Texas shootouts. Things went largely as predicted in my weekend preview (sick brag, Sean) with a pleasant surprise result in the Chaos/Whipsnakes matchup. Before I make my next point, I want to emphasis that the PLL is coming to Homewood Field in Baltimore this weekend and it’s a great time to come out, bring the family, bring the boys, grab a few suds and soak up some great action!

Highlights were everywhere you looked, topped off by the absolute filth that Ryan Ambler dishes out for a Sports Center Top 10 play:

That’s not the only highlight though as shown here:

And here:

Think only one team had highlights from the weekend? Think again:

Okay, that last one was called back on a challenge, but it should have counted off of style points alone. Oh, and for anyone who still makes the mistake of thinking lacrosse is a soft sport, Graeme Hossack would like a word:

This is the type of action you can find every weekend the PLL is playing. I know that football season starts soon, and I know that the Orioles have been incredible this year, but I can’t find any legitimate reason for someone to say they’re unwilling to pop on ESPN+ and catch a game. Also, the league is in Baltimore this weekend! It’s a perfect excuse to come check out a game in person. I’ll be there for both Saturday games and might mess around and buy tickets for Sunday too. Come say hi if you see me in the stands!

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