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The Baltimore Ravens have a lot of great leaders in their locker room and they have had a history of it. Everyone knows that Ray Lewis and Ed Reed were great leaders for the Ravens but now that they are gone the torches have been passed. The Ravens have a Player Leadership Council that is voted on by the players each year, so let’s get to know them a bit.  There is a link to each player’s profile for the players that have one. 

Joe Flacco: The Ravens’ quarterback who, some say is a quiet leader, can also give it back to Terrell Suggs when he wants to. Flacco, a former Super Bowl MVP, has earned the respect of his teammates by playing through injuries and always playing hard.

Terrell Suggs: Once a loudmouth, Suggs has really toned it down a bit the past few seasons. He can still trash talk but his leadership skills have really been evident. Suggs has been great in the Ravens’ locker room and continues to grow as a leader. He also has his far share of personal accomplishments that may land him in the Hall of Fame one day.

Daryl Smith: The Ravens’ top middle linebacker makes most of the calls on defense. Smith may only be in his second year with the Ravens but he showed leadership right away last season.

Torrey Smith: The youngest member of the leadership council, Torrey Smith, is great on and off the field and will likely be the Ravens’ number one receiver this season. Torrey Smith has been extremely active in the Baltimore community since becoming a Raven.

Marshal Yanda: Just like Flacco, Yanda is a bit of a silent leader warranting much respect from his teammates for his toughness. Yanda is also a Pro-Bowl guard and has been an anchor of the Ravens’ offensive line for years.

Haloti Ngata: Another silent leader, Ngata has played through injury after injury for the Ravens and has still been their best defensive tackle. Ngata has been a key member of the Ravens defense since 2006.

Sam Koch: Rare to see a punter on a leadership council but Koch has earned it. Koch may not have as many personal accomplishments as the other players on this list but he has been great for the Ravens. Koch has been on the Ravens since 2006 and has been consistent and has stayed healthy.

Steve Smith Sr.: New to the Ravens, Smith Sr. is a very vocal leader. Smith Sr. was born to play for the Ravens, he was just playing on a different team. Smith Sr. has shown leadership and has helped younger receivers like Michael Campanaro since he signed with the Ravens.

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