Mancini to Participate in Homerun Derby

Trey Mancini, also known by his nickname: Boom Boom, is a guy who can absolutely mash the ball with the best of them. He’s accepted an invite to participate in the Homerun derby and maybe just maybe play in the all star game. This is still to be determined, but for now it’s just good to see how far he’s come. He’ll be going up against guys like Juan Soto, Shohei Ohtani, Pete Alonso and Trevor Story which will be an awesome sight to see. 2020 was tough for him and for him to be in this spot is really inspiring. This is one of those feel good moments in sports that everyone can rally behind.

This past year Mancini has had to battle and overcome stage 3 colon cancer. Just last year during the offseason it was announced that Mancini would undergo surgery for a non baseball medical procedure. Myself along with a lot of people were confused by this news and then when it came out that he had cancer it was absolutely crushing. Losing a guy like Trey for the year was definitely a big blow for the Orioles

Mancini was coming off a year where he hit 35 homeruns and 97 RBI’s to go along with a solid .291 batting average. The Orioles. The Orioles and the fanbase rallied around Trey with F16TH and has become very popular within the fan base. Trey’s cancer went into remission and in November and he returned to the lineup for the 2021 season. I can’t help but smile and get a little emotional every time he does something on the field. Being able to watch him is a treat that I will cherish as long as he is with the organization.

Mancini has earned his spot in the homerun derby and should be in consideration for a spot in the game itself. So far Mancini has already hit 14 homeruns and driven in 52 RBI’s in 77 games. Mancini continues to be an underrated player and for him and deserves all the credit in the world. Trey should also be in the running or the favorite for Comeback Player of the Year.

I can’t possibly begin to imagine how grueling treatment was for Trey. Chemotherapy can all but completely breakdown a person’s body. Often times there is no guarantee that the cancer won’t come back. Trey Mancini is an awesome dude who has overcome so much already in not just his career but life in general. Trey I don’t know if you will ever read this but I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being an inspiration and a role model to those who are fighting cancer of all forms. Thank you for being a role model for the organization. I hope that you stick around for a while and can be a part of the Orioles winning a title.

The Orioles have 10 more games before the all star break.

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