Machado injury update

Manny Machado 8-10-2012The Baltimore Orioles have some good news on Manny Machado, looks like he will be done for the rest of the season but will avoid surgery. Machado injured his medial patellar ligament, a smaller ligament in his knee. At the Orioles press conference it sounded like Machado’s knee cap moved.

The Orioles are going to rehab Machado slowly and give him four weeks until he is reevaluated. The recovery will take six to eight weeks which is far less than an ACL or MCL tear would have been.

Machado will have a second opinion and will not do any rehab until the swelling is down.

So the Orioles have some good news, hopefully Machado can recover without any surgery like the Orioles hope.  At this timetable it sounds like Machado will be ready for Spring Training.

Even the Sports Center twitter account tweeted about it.


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