Lamar Jackson, without an agent has to learn his demands were too high the hard way

The Baltimore Ravens put the Non-Exclusive Franchise Tag on Lamar Jackson this offseason as they were unable to come to an agreement on an extension. Jackson has been stern that he wants a fully guaranteed deal at the likes of Desean Watson.

The Non-Exclusive tag means that Jackson can negotiate with other teams and the Ravens can match it, the Ravens in return would get two first-round picks for Jackson. As of Wednesday, Jackson has been able to talk to other teams.

The truth is, Jackson without having a free agent will have to find out the hard way that he was asking for way to much. Injury concerns is his biggest issue, but it is common knowledge that the Cleveland Browns way overpaid for Watson and it is a consensus that the contract is considered dumb.

Jackson having to negotiate by himself has already caused drama between him and the Ravens. In contract negotiations negatives have to be pointed out, and Jackson will have to hear it straight from the Ravens himself without the agent to soften the blow.

The Ravens offered Jackson a pretty healthy of

So far no team has shown much interest in acquiring Jackson, the Indianapolis Professional Football Team has been rumored to be a player but no offers have been made.

There is also the factor that other teams may think that the Ravens will simply match any offer made to Jackson and they do not want to waste time or efforts.

Either way Ravens fans and Jackson fans are ready for this saga to come to an end. Jackson could always play on the Franchise Tag.

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