Kevin Gausman learning the hard way

Baltimore Orioles top prospect Kevin Gausman might have been rushed to the majors after all.  Gausman has allowed 11 earned runs in his first two games pitching nine innings.  Let’s examine these outings closer to see where he has gone wrong.

In Gausman’s first outing he faced the red hot Toronto Blue Jays bats and did pretty well considering it was a slug-fest series.  Gausman allowed four runs over five innings, which is not terrible but not good either.

Last night against the Washington Nationals Gausman got lit up giving up seven earned runs over four innings.  It was night an ideal night to pitch there was an hour and a half rain delay and it was raining for most of his start.  That can be an excuse for Gausman who is only 22 and has not even played professional baseball for a season.

Gausman will start again this weekend and if he does not do well he might get sent down.  So far Gausman has showed his terrific arm, he has been hitting the high 90’s and even hit 99 mph in the game against the Blue Jays.  Be patient with Gausman he will figure it out.

The thing I like about Gausman is that he only has three walks in those two games.  He can throw strikes that is not the problem, he may throw too many.

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