Johnny Manziel could be the next big NFL bust

800px-Johnny_ManzielIt is no secret that Johnny Manziel is entering the NFL draft after only his Sophomore season. Historically, I have been very good at predicting quarterback busts, I predicted that Brady Quinn, Mark Sanchez, JaMarcus Russel and Matt Leinart would be busts. Manziel is the next quarterback that that I predict will be a bust.

This is nothing against Manziel, he is a fantastic college quarterback and a fantastic football player. Manziel is mobile but I do not think this speed will translate as well in the NFL and he needs better ball protection. Manziel also does not have the strongest arm. In bad weather I highly doubt that Manziel will be effective against NFL defenses.

Manziel broke a lot of tackles in college and most NFL players make those tackles. Manziel is not the biggest guy in the world at only 210 lb he will get beat up rather quickly if he runs too much. We have seen all too well what happens when a smaller quarterback runs too much, Mike Vick and Robert Griffin III all had injury problems.

I thought that Colin Kaepernick and Russel Wilson would be good NFL quarterbacks but they are built a little bigger than Manziel and they usually throw first. Kaepernick usually runs when he has wide open running lanes and is big enough to take a hit. Cam Newton is another quarterback that can take hits because of his size. Manziel obvious does not have that size as I have mentioned he is only 210 lb.

Manziel has had off the field issues that also concern me. The quarterbacks need to be the leader of the football team not a distraction. Most of the other quarterback busts have had trouble off the field, Vince Young, Russel and Leinart come to mind.

Maybe Manziel will have a great NFL career but I just do not see it. Tons of great college quarterbacks do not make it big in the NFL, just the nature of the game. Manziel will probably be a top 10 or five pick and will most likely be thrown right into a starting position. With only two years of college experience and an average arm at best I just do not see Manziel being a great starter.

What are your thoughts do you think Manziel will be a solid NFL quarterback?

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