Jay Beagle the unsung hero within the Capitals organization

Marylandsportsblog.com Matt Bachota & Sean Meekins

Jay Beagle is one of the most under rated players on the Washington Capitals roster. Beagle is a center for the Caps and preforms well in that role. Beagle does not stand out but he does his job when it needs to be done. He does not get off too many shots, but he wins more than half of his face offs.

Beagle is one of the best in the league at face offs, and his percentages show that. He dominated face offs with a 58.52 % face off percentage. Getting the puck back from face offs is always important especially when you are in your own zone.

Beagle helped tremendously with this task. Without him, who knows how many more chances the Capitals would have given other teams during the season in their own zone. Beagle looks to have a even better year next year. But first the Caps will need to meet with the center and try to re-sign him heading into free agency. Beagle could be a big piece to the puzzle as the Washington Capitals look to win another Stanley Cup.


Face Off Percentage- 58.52%

Shots- 65

Shot Percentage- 10.8%

Games Played- 79

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