Jackson NOT Suspended for Hit on Thomas

Somehow, in the NFL’s infinite wisdom, the league has reviewed Kareem Jackson’s hit on Logan Thomas yesterday (see below) and decided against suspending him.

There isn’t a more textbook way to illustrate the plays the league has tried to remove from the game. The catch was made, Thomas is completely defenseless, Jackson launches vertically into his head and neck area, regard for human life was thrown out the window.

How the powers that be can put their heads together and decide that the ejection and a possible fine is going to be enough is unfathomable. Thomas was out of the rest of the game after being put in concussion protocol, making Jackson’s hit effectively a 1-to-1 trade. So Washington loses a player to not fault of his own while the Broncos lost an absolute scumbag.

Doesn’t seem like a fair trade. Do better, Rog’.

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