It's Not Easy Being Green: Mike Green Faces Three Game Suspension

If I could sum up Brendan Shanahan in three words, it would be this: “stern, but fair”. That sums up his personality, and it sums up how he has handled his job as the NHL’s

Mike Green will be suspended for three games, his second career suspension.

Chief Player Disciplinarian. He’s really cracked down on punishing players for hitting other players in the head, whether it’s intentional or not. ┬áCapitals defenseman Mike Green is his latest victim, as he will be facing a t.hree game suspension for his hit on Tampa Bay Lightning forward Brett Connolly. Green is yet another player who has faced discipline for a hit despite no penalty being called for the hit. Alex Ovechkin was suspended for three games despite not being called for a penalty earlier this season.

As a hockey player, I agree with the punishment. Green’s hit was unnecessary and completely avoidable. Connolly was able to come back into the game, but Green just learned the same lesson that numerous players have already learned under Brendan Shanahan: You hit someone in the head, you’re going to get punished. Green’s hit struck a nerve with me, as I have had to watch three former teammates of mine suffer permanent nerve, brain, or spinal cord injuries due to hits like Green’s. As a fan of hockey, this is the right decision. I hope Mike Green has learned his lesson.

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