It's Dallas Week and other matters

490px-Kirk_cousins_redskinsHeck, Kirk Cousins looked pretty good in the loss to the Falcons. Reminds me a story from the past so bear with me.

I was the sports information director at Harper Community College in Palatine, Illinois. I got a call from the daily paper in town. The reporter said we were getting a quarterback transfer from the University of Tennessee. Heck,that is big news even though red-headed Steve Matthews was a third-string QB down there.

Well, he did show up in Palatine and was a nice kid. It was more work for me as I had to send a press release weekly back to Tennessee. He was actually pretty good and that was that. I guess I could look it up but a good three or four years later, Matthews was the starting quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL. Huh?

The Chicago Tribune wrote, “Where did this guy come from? Try Harper College in Palatine. And the funny thing is he’ll probably never play again.” Yes, he won the game. He threw for 300 yards and they got rid of him.

What’s this all mean? Anyone can do this. Yes, anyone can quarterback an NFL team for one game.

So it’s Dallas week. The Skins have nothing to play for except for being a spoiler. I don’t think we’ll see Jordan Reed (tight end) as he still is recovering from his concussion.

My favorite Skins-Dallas game? Easy. It was New Year’s Eve in 1972. Roger Staubach for the Cowboys and Billy Kilmer for the Skins. It wasn’t close.

Curt Knight kept on knocking down field goals (18, 39, 45 and 46). Kilmer and Charley Taylor connected on a pair of touchdown passes. We (rather the Redskins) dominated to the tune of 26-3. And off to the Super Bowl for Washington.

Now back to the dismal present. Sunday’s game of three-game winners was somewhat fun to watch. Those first few Cousins’ passes were gorgeous. Heck, Cousins threw for nearly 400 yards and three scores.

And what about that decision to go for the game-winning two-pointer? Bravo. We didn’t need no stinking overtime. If we were in contention in the weak NFL East, of course we would have added the extra point.

Oh, for the terrible defense, let’s hold on to Perry Riley Jr. He tries hard and does some good things out there.

Can we beat Dallas come Sunday? I doubt it. But maybe Cousins thinks he can win a job next year. So he may try to show the fans and management how good he can be.

Plus Tony Romo is bound to screw up somewhere along the line. After all it’s December.





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