In wake up Gwynn's passing, MLB should ban chewing tobacco

mlb_g_gwynn_kh_200x300Chewing tobacco and baseball have long gone together. Even in the cult classic movie “The Sandlot” the young kids are showing trying chewing tobacco. Chewing tobacco is a legal drug and is already banned in the minor leagues. Baseball Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn died this week at the young age of 54 from salivary gland cancer. Even Gwynn himself attributed the cancer from all his years of using chewing tobacco.

I personally have always had something against drugs, besides alcohol I have never touched any sort of drug, never even smoked anything.  I personally enjoy being healthy and active and have a strong faith.  My personal belief is that God blessed me with a healthy body, I want to make the most of it.

Back to chewing tobacco, and I know a lot of people who have used it.  It is one of those drugs that does not have many bad short term effects but the long term effects could be deadly.  Chewing tobacco is gross anyway, you put it in your mouth and let is sit there, while you spit out gross tar like spit.

The fact that Major League Baseball players who are often known as stars to kids do it is a really horrible influence.  When kids see star players like Chris Davis using chewing tobacco, they have to at least be wondering what he is doing.  Athletes today are forced to be role models and baseball players have a relatively good track record for staying out of trouble, much more so than National Football League players.

Less and less players are using chewing tobacco, which is a very good thing.  A lot of players are chewing gum instead of tobacco which is a much healthier option. Chewing tobacco is not good for the players and not good for the young fans watching.


Brian Hradsky

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