Honoring Ray Lewis

Ray-Lewis-2008-Steelers-regseason-gameRay lewis is getting put into the Ring of Honor Sunday so I wanted to do a post to honor him. I started by revamping my Ray Lewis player profile found here.

Lewis is in my opinion the greatest Raven to even play the game and the greatest linebacker to ever play the game. Lewis wrote what it meant to be a Raven player with his toughness and physical play.

I would say what my favorite Ray Lewis play was but there are just so many to pick from. The hit Lewis had on Dustin Keller against the Jets was pretty awesome, but he did that to several wide receivers and tight ends.

Here are a couple cool highlight videos of Lewis. In the comments I would like you guys to tell me your favorite Ray Lewis play.  It will not be long until Lewis is in the Hall of Fame.

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