Terps shutout in lose to #19 Iowa





This one was all Iowa. Maryland offense had more 3 and outs than 1st downs and if that doesn’t tell you how this one went then you’re out of luck.

The defense fought hard like they have all season but this Matt Canada’s offense just isn’t going to cut it.

Getting out gained in yards on the road is no biggy but having it becoming a pattern should be concerning to the Terps faithful.

The offense took major steps back today and, in the end, Iowa walked out of Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City Iowa winners on their homecoming in a well-deserved shutout victory 23-0.

They “Rutgers” us on defense and it sucks as a Terps fan but that’s what a good coached team looks like.





All season long the Terps have relied on their running game to generate offense and while it’s been successful for the most part this season however against some of the more quality opponents on their schedule this season that

Maryland offense was abysmal this afternoon as well.

Whenever opponents sell out to stop the run and those patent Matt Canada jet sweeps, the Terps entire offense hasn’t been able to come up with a successful back up plan and their defense suffers as a whole.

With wind speeds up to 35 miles per at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City Iowa, both teams struggle to pass the ball however the inability of the Terps offensive staff to come up with any type of plays that can allow the kids to go there and execute in hostility simply never happened.

Interim head coach Matt Canada would really start to feel the heat if one more of this putrid game happen again this season.

The Terps looked lost, unprepared, lack focus and execution all game long and that is on the coaching.

I don’t know what kind of game plan Matt Canada and that offense staff thought they had but it was clear on Saturday afternoon in Iowa that the kids weren’t too confident in it.





It is not the fact that the Terps lost heck the defense looked great for the better part of that game and saw many other good things but it’s becoming extremely concerning to Terrapin fans that maybe this Matt Canada offense just wouldn’t cut it.

Not if the ultimate goal is to be big ten champions.

Maryland simply will not beat any of the big ten top teams with such a sloppy and embarrassing offense.

We saw against Michigan how easy it was to shut down this offense and today against much slower athletes we still got suffocated on offense.

This thing cannot continue to happen because the Terps are simply not deep enough yet on defense to withstand such inconsistencies on offense as we saw against Iowa.





This game was over with the minutes Iowa figured out how to stop the jet sweeps and once again the offense failed to adjust which is disheartening.

Maryland have the better athletes than Iowa on Saturday but Iowa had the much better coaches and game plan.

This was a very winnable game that this program continues to lay eggs in.

This game was as good a chance for the Maryland program to get a win against a ranked Big ten team as they’ve had since joining the conference.

Iowa while ranked doesn’t have nearly the athletes or overall team speed as the Ohio States and the Michigan’s of the World thus this are game Maryland MUST be able to win or at the very least not get shut out 23-0 in defeat.

Iowa will be a measuring stick for Maryland football going forward as the Hawkeyes will probably never had better overall athletes as the Terrapins but what they lack in recruiting area they have in abundance in coaching.

Iowa has always done a great job of develop their guys and today the Terps clearly had the better team speed on both sides of the ball even though the offense threw up a goose egg.

Not the end of the World by any means but this one hurt and now the Terps must pick themselves back up and head home to face Indiana next weekend.





After losing Saturday, Maryland season record drops to 4-3 overall and a 2-2 conference record.

Still a very good record with the schedule the Terps have face but now they can’t afford any more slip ups for the rest of the season.

Maryland can still accomplish a lot of great things this season if they can win some key games down the stretch of the season.

The Terps can’t allow Iowa to beat them twice, next week a very angry Indiana team would be coming to College Park looking to end their losing streak after losing a hard fought game at home in 3 straight weeks against ranked foes.

Indiana would be coming in with a must win mentality and Maryland better be prepared for a desperate bunch of Hoosiers.

Matt Canada and that offense must figure out ways to be a lot of more productive than what they showed Saturday at Iowa.

A win next week and all the sudden this loss today would be all but forgotten and that is just how quickly the narrative can change in major college football.

The Terrapins can still go to a quality bowl game but getting to 6 wins and becoming bowl eligible should be the only focus.

And its starts with the Indiana Hoosiers next weekend in College Park Maryland. I’ll have preview of the Indiana game mid week until then #GOTERPS.



                                                                       FINAL SCORE 

                                                                   Maryland 0 Iowa 23


                                                                        FINAL STATS

RUSHING YARDS 68 on 23 Carries for Terps. 224 on 52 Carries for Iowa.

PASSING YARDS 47 for Terps. 86 for Iowa.

TURNOVERS 2 for the Terps (1 Fum, 1 Int). 1 for Iowa (1 Int).

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