FIFA World Cup 6/27 Recap

Wednesday saw the end of Groups E and F. Here’s what went down.

South Korea 2, Germany 0

  • Goals
    • South Korea: Young-Gwon (90+3′), Heung-Min (90+6′)
    • Germany: N/A
  • Cards
    • South Korea: Woo-Young (Yellow, 9′), Jae-Sung (Yellow, 23′), Seon-Min (Yellow, 48′), Heung-Min (Yellow, 65′)
    • Germany: None

In arguably the most shocking result of this World Cup so far, South Korea pulled off what many believed to be impossible, upsetting the reigning champions. It didn’t happen until stoppage time in the second half, when Korea broke away to score the first goal of the match, followed quickly by an empty-netter after Germany sent their goalie in the attacking half. For the first time in their country’s history, Germany will fail to advance out of the group round, and the curse of the reigning champion continues.

Sweden 3, Mexico 0

  • Goals
    • Sweden: Augustinsson (50′), Granqvist (PK, 62′), Álvarez (Own Goal, 74′)
    • Mexico: N/A
  • Cards
    • Sweden: Larsson (Yellow, 26′), Lustig (Yellow, 88′)
    • Mexico: Gallardo (Yellow, 1′), Moreno (Yellow, 61′), Layún (Yellow, 86′)
  • Suspensions
    • Sweden’s Sebastian Larsson will be suspended for their next match due to yellow card accumulation.
    • Mexico’s Hector Moreno will be suspended for their next match due to yellow card accumulation.

Simply put, Sweden absolutely annihilated Mexico. It felt like they truly dominated throughout, controlling the pace and the game as a whole. Fortunately for Mexico, a literal miracle occurred in the other Group F game, allowing both Sweden and Mexico to advance to the Round of 16. Sweden will face the Group E runner up, while Mexico will have to face the Group E champion in order to have a shot at the quarterfinals.

Brazil 2, Serbia 0

  • Goals
    • Brazil: Paulinho (36′), Silva (68′)
    • Serbia: N/A
  • Cards
    • Brazil: None
    • Serbia: Ljajic (Yellow, 33′), Matic (Yellow, 48′), Mitrovic (Yellow, 70′)

Brazil glided to victory relatively easily, giving them an important victory to ensure they clinched the Group E champion slot. The won the possession battle (56%) and the shots battle (13-10), and scored in the middle of both halves. They felt in control, and looked like a team that can do a lot of damage in the bracket. They’ll face the Group F runners up, while Serbia will be headed back home.

Switzerland 2, Costa Rica 2

  • Goals
    • Switzerland: Džemaili (31′), Drmić (88′)
    • Costa Rica: Waston (56′), Sommer (Own Goal, 90+3′)
  • Cards
    • Switzerland: Lichtsteiner (Yellow, 37′), Zakaria (Yellow, 75′), Schär (Yellow, 83′)
    • Costa Rica: Gamboa (Yellow, 11′), Campbell (Yellow, 29′), Waston (Yellow, 89′)
  • Suspension
    • Switzerland’s Stephan Lichtsteiner will be suspended for their next match due to yellow card accumulation.
    • Switzerland’s Fabian Schär will be suspended for their next match due to yellow card accumulation.

This one was a relatively even match, and the score reflects such. Switzerland won the possession battle with 60%, but Costa Rica out shot them 14-12, and more importantly, got more shots on goal (6-3). Unfortunately for Costa Rica, who knew their fate going into the day, a draw wasn’t enough to get them through to the next round, but it was for Switzerland, who will face the Group F champion, but without two of their key players who were suspended for yellow card accumulation.

Final Standings from These Groups

Green: Clinched

Red: Eliminated

Group E

  1. Brazil – 7 points (GD: 4)
  2. Switzerland – 5 points (GD: 1)
  3. Serbia – 3 points (GD: -2)
  4. Costa Rica – 1 points (GD: -3)

Group F

  1. Sweden – 6 points (GD: 3)
  2. Mexico – 6 points (GD: -1)
  3. South Korea – 3 points (GD: 0)
  4. Germany – 3 points (GD: -2)

Matches on 6/28

Japan vs. Poland – Group H (10:00am Eastern)

Senegal vs. Colombia – Group H (10:00am Eastern)

England vs. Belgium – Group G (2:00pm Eastern)

Panama vs. Tunisia – Group G (2:00pm Eastern)

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