Enough to drive a Redskins fan nuts

What’s the good news here? It only counted as one loss on the Redskins’ record.

Monday night’s game with visiting Philadelphia was frustrating as heck.

The unbeaten (preseason) Redskins looked like all rookies for a good portion of this contest. Forget for a moment that fluke play involving DeAngelo Hall, good for 75 yards, and a score, or we would have been down 33-0 in the third quarter.

LeSean McCoy was running through the Skins’ defense like it wasn’t there. Who gives up nearly 200 yards rushing to one guy on opening night?

Of course, it would have been easy to shut this game off from the television.

And then Robert Griffin began to settle down. It’s not right that he had throw nearly 50 passes to get his team back in contention. But that’s the new NFL for you.

Oh, for those who fell asleep last night, the final from DC was Philly 33 and Washington 27.

Now to be fair, the heart-racing attack of the Eagles was interesting to watch. But that’s why coaches are hired to figure this stuff out.

So why weren’t the Skins blown off the field 60-0? Well, for one thing, Griffin he could still throw the ball and look good doing it. And in the final moments, he also showed his legs could still work.

Even the old man on the bench (Santana Moss), showed he could still catch the football. Add reliable targets like Pierre Garcon and Leonard Hankerson, and maybe this could be a steady group.

The young tight end from Florida, Jordan Reed, chipped in five receptions.

In the turnovers department, the Redskins did not look good. Alfred Morris dropped his first carry and that led to a quick Philly score. Griffin threw into some early trouble, especially in the first half, and wound up with a pair of interceptions.

The Eagles also added a safety.

So what are the prospects of traveling to Green Bay, after a short week, and pulling off a victory against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers? Especially a Packers’ club that is coming off a loss.

Griffin and company will be up for this game. It won’t be too cold in Green Bay and it will fun to see this offense from DC move the ball.

And let’s hope our defense shows up to play in the first half

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