Chris Davis deserved the MVO

Chris Davis on August 10, 2011Baltimore Orioles first baseman Chris Davis had an MVP caliber season and was voted the Orioles MVO or most valuable Orioles this year.  This one was a near no brainer as Davis had a historical season for the Orioles.

Chris Tillman is the only player who I really think should have come close to Davis in the MVO.  Lets get back to Davis, who broke the Orioles record for most home runs hit by an Orioles with 53.

Davis hit 20 more home runs than he did last year and I can only wonder how many he would have hit if he did not participate in the home run derby.  The derby and All Star game clearly took a toll on Davis.

It was not just home runs that set Davis apart, he also had an average above .300 for most of the season.  Davis ended with .286 average, again he was worn out by the end of the season.

Davis also had 42 doubles and 138 runs batted in not to mention a Gold Glove caliber season at first base.  Another impressive thing about Davis’ season is the 71 walks, meaning pitchers were pitching around Davis A LOT.

This might have been one of the best offensive seasons an Orioles player has ever had.  Davis is well deserving of the MVO.

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