Caps Sign Mike Green To 3 Year Deal Worth $18.25 Million

The Washington Capitals have announced that they have signed defenseman Mike Green to a 3 year deal, worth $18.25 million. He will receive $6 million in each of his first

Mike Green will be a Washington Capital for the next three seasons. The Capitals are banking on Green staying healthy.

two years, and $6.25 million in his third year. Green took an 8.3% pay cut in this deal, as according to the new salary cap rules, Green could have made $6.5 million but he agreed to take a $500,000 pay cut. Green is a 2-time finalist for the Norris Trophy and has been an important member of the Washington Capitals since his rookie season. In 398 career games, he has 251 points. His defense has always been questionable, but he always makes up for it in offense.

Green has slumped the past two years, but if healthy, he can be very productive. And I tip my cap to Green for even playing last year. You could tell he was in a ton of pain and very limited, but he did what was best for the team. His defense has improved over the past two years, and hopefully that will carry over to the next three years.

In the NHL today, $6 million is dirt cheap for an elite puck-moving defenseman who has been nominated for the Norris Trophy twice. Look at the contract that Erik Karlsson got. Look at the deal that Bouwmeester, Phaneuf, and Wade Redden got. I’ll gladly give Green, who has at least proven that he’s extremely productive when healthy, $6 million a year. That’s a good deal. Yes, Green is an injury risk. But in all honesty, who ISN’T a huge injury risk in the NHL? Green is still young, as he will turn just 27 this year. If Green was older, I’d be worried. But Green is still young, so I think that this deal is good for the Caps, and good for Green if Green stays healthy. I’m more than willing to take that risk. Especially for someone who played despite not being anywhere close to 100% last year.

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