Caps #1 In Latest ESPN Power Rankings

File this under “grain of salt” posts, but according to ESPN (as of this post was slacking and had no week 2 power rankings), the Caps are the best team in the league 4 games in. I by no means put credence into an NHL power rankings list after 4 games of an 82 game season, but nonetheless, it is cool to see. Scott Burnside, NHL writer for ESPN, highlights Tomas Vokuhn’s comeback after his Tampa Bay game, and gives props to the play of the defense since that game. He also worries about Michal Neuvirth’s injury being a cause for concern.

All in all, again, take it with a grain of salt. There are 78 games left in the season. I do look forward to next week’s power rankings because the Caps have 3 huge games this week. I call this the “Litmus Test” week as they face division rival Florida Panthers (3-1) tonight, hated rival Philadelphia Flyers (3-0-1; #3 ESPNPR) on Thursday, and the team that everyone measures themselves against, Detroit Red Wings (4-0; #2 ESPNPR) on Saturday. This will be a great week of hockey, and I for one, cannot wait. The link to the power rankings follows. Go Caps!

Here is a link to the ESPN power rankings.

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