Capitals face the Maple Leafs, and hope to continue their push towards the playoffs

The Washington Capitals, are back on prime time, playing the Toronto Maple Leafs on TNT. Washington has won the last three games they played, which moved them into the second wild card spot. The team has played exceptionally well over the past few games, getting some outstanding saves from Charlie Lindgren and Darcy Kuemper. They have also been playing mostly mistake free hockey over the past few games.

The team has been heating up and also the defense has looked almost flawless the past few games. While the team in the hunt for a playoff spot and keeping it, having a solid defense like they do is key. Players like Alex Alexeyev who earlier in season was getting healthy scratched pretty regularly, has been a stellar and solid point of defense.

Washington has had better special teams play over the past month. Passing the puck and finding the open player while also wearing out the opposition, and catch them flat footed has been a big part of whats been helping. The team has not been making sloppy plays, and is able to clear the zone on the penalty kill and has been on the upside since the all star break.

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