Can Towson get the Husky off Their Back?

Towson takes on Northeastern at 7PM tonight. To say that I’m nervous is a massive understatement. The Tigers are situated right in the middle of a brutal stretch of conference opponents with a couple on the horizon. A four game winning streak would normally inspire confidence, but the Huskies have always been a thorn in the side of Towson teams, no matter how bad they are and how good Towson is.

Outside of Delaware, whom I hate due to the rivalry between the school, Northeastern is probably the school that drives me the most insane as a Towson fan. The two teams are 5-5 in their last 10 matchups, with Towson dropping the first game in Boston 67-59. I don’t know what it is about their style of play or the way the program operates, but they could be the worst team in the CAA an still give Towson all sorts of hell. It feels like this game is the turning point for Towson’s season; either they take the Huskies to the pound, or they show they’ve learned nothing over the last 10 contests and we can use it as a sign to not expect postseasons success.

The game is on an actual network tonight (yay!), in Monumental Sports Network. Everyone, and I mean everyone around the Baltimore area should be tuning into this game to have something to cheer for since the other area teams are either done for the year, or UMBC (they’re a dumpster fire this year). I may even try and bribe my professor to end class early tonight so I can make sure to watch all 40 minutes of the game. It’s the first week of class so who cares, right?

See you all at 7 on Monumental.

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