Opinion: Caitlin Clark is just what the WNBA needs

Considered the new face of women’s basketball, Caitlin Clark not only conquered one record, now she goes for the biggest one: Pete Maravich.

Last night in #2 Iowa’s 106-89 win over Michigan, Caitlin Clark set the new NCAA women’s scoring mark with getting the required 8 points to break Kelsey Plum’s mark of 3,527 points. Thanks to her additional 41 points, she sits 99 points away from the ultimate mark of breaking “Pistol” Pete Maravich’s 3,667 career points. With 4 games and the tournament games to go, she pretty much has the new all-time men’s and women’s mark in hand. Now, is there that possibility if she goes all the way, she can be the first collegiate player in history to have 4,000 career points? Yep, she’s got that opportunity.

While the league still sees Sabrina Ionsecu as the current face of the WNBA, I believe that Caitlin Clark is going to take that title away from her when she’s drafted into the Women’s National Basketball Association, more than likely as the first overall pick by the Indiana Fever.

Personally, I believe that Caitlin Clark is just what the WNBA needs to refresh their image and welcome in new fans to their games. Now don’t get me wrong, I am extremely supportive of women’s sports and if you got the skill, the marketability, you can help make things better for a league. However there are some detractors that she say while she is a great player, she needs to be kowtowing to “the message.” To those detractors, I say: No she doesn’t. Why is it that the best players in the nation or the world have to submit to the current “message”

My belief is that Clark, a very honest, forthright, and tremendous athlete will have her own values and own belief system that others can potentially get behind. I don’t feel like Clark has any interest in the “political scene” because she definitely keeps to herself and plays with a calm flamboyance that no one can truly take away from her.

Let’s leave Caitlin alone. She has her own beliefs and values and let her abide by them.

We at Maryland Sports Blog applaud Caitlin Clark for her incredible achievement and now could go even more ultimate when she beats Pete Maravich’s mark. So excelsior to you, Caitlin! Congratulations!

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