Brian Roberts Makes Long Awaited Return

Tonight, Brian Roberts will be leading off and playing 2B for the Baltimore Orioles.  Sounds like an everyday thing, right?  WRONG!  Roberts has been out of action since last season after getting a concussion sliding into second base on May 16, 2011.  Prior to that, Roberts had suffered one other concussion, but this one was MUCH more serious.  The post-concussion dizziness and headaches held Roberts out of action for more than a year.  As with any serious injury, the hope was for Brian to get back to living his life, but taking baby steps.

Baseball temporarily took a back seat to health.  Brian Roberts is one of those players that hates being off the field and out of the action.  He had also been a key cog at the top of the Orioles lineup ever since he became a regular in the major leagues.  Roberts, now 34, provides leadership on and off the field.  Ask any Orioles fan; they will tell you that Brian Roberts is the heart and soul of that team!  After a lengthy amount of time away, Roberts worked his way back into the swing of things at the minor league levels.  With all the hard work and dedication to get back into playing shape, Roberts managed to return to the lineup tonight; walking up to the plate with a standing ovation from the crowd!  So far, Roberts is 2 for 3, with an RBI and one strikeout.

With Roberts back, Steve Tolleson was optioned to the minor leagues.  Having Roberts now may be the offensive spark the Orioles needed, exploding for 8 runs so far against the first place Pittsburgh Pirates.  It’s really great to see how he was able to return after all this time.  Roberts still has some good years ahead of him and I wish him the best for the future.  He has the ability to REALLY impact this tight AL East race; especially with a second wild card spot added.  Only time will tell what happens, but I am stoked for the upcoming games!  Keep it here at THE MSB for more Orioles coverage!

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