Updated: Bombing at the Boston Marathon

This may have nothing to do with this blog but I really do not care.  There was a bombing near the finish line at the Boston Marathon today and we all need to send our prayers out to them.

This is an obvious terrorist attack and many people have been injured and some people have been confirmed to have been killed.  The reports are still coming out no news has really been confirmed.  Words are that there was at least two bombs.

Reports are as of now there are 23 injured and three people dead.  According to multiple reports one of the victims was an eight-year-old.  The child was running for the Sandy Hook victims.  The number of people injured could change.

This picture should say something about what happened.

There was a third explosion at the JFK Library that has been said to be connected to the marathon bombs.  Looks like there were two bombs found making the total up to four.  Here is a tweet from a Boston Reporter about the explosions.



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