Aki Basho: Day 3 results, insight, and current standings

Atamifuji picks up win number 3, Wakamotoharu gets win number 1, and Hokutofuji looks like a tough title contender.

Day 3 was a mixed bag of fun, disappointment, and question marks. Hokutofuji picked up a big win over Kirishima to move to 3-0 on the tournament. “Ah, I had that coming,” said Kirishima, “I wasn’t focused.” Hoshoryu was also upset again today and this time by Tobizaru, who has had his way against him in 9 of the last 13 matches. “Fantastic win,” says Tobizaru, “Hoshoryu put up a good fight,”

Koteoko, who was feared to have injured himself, was checked out by doctors and was cleared to continue wrestling. When asked about it, Kotoeko quipped, “I bumped my head, that’s all. I’m alright.”

Final Results from Day 3 and winning kimarite

Daishoho defeats Chiyoshoma
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (Frontal Force Out)

Tsurugisho defeats Aoiyama
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (Frontal Force Out)

Nishikifuji defeats Kagayaki
Winning Kimarite: Katasukashi (Under Shoulder Swing Down)

Atamifuji defeats Myogiryu
Winning Kimarite: Kotenage (Arm Lock Throw)

Sadanoumi defeats Kotoshoho
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (Frontal Push Out)

Mitakeumi defeats Hokuseiho
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (Frontal Push Out)

Takarafuji defeats Endo
Winning Kimarite: Hikiotoshi (Hand Pull Down)

Kinbozan defeat Hiradoumi
Winning Kimarite: Kubinage (Head Lock Throw)

Midorifuji defeats Koteko
Winning Kimarite: Katasukashi (Under Shoulder Swing Down)

Ryuden defeats Oho
Winning Kimarite: Yoritaoshi (Frontal Crush Out)

Onosho defeats Takayasu
Winning Kimarite: Okuridashi (Rear Push Out)

Shonnanoumi defeats Ura
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (Frontal Push Out)

Gonoyama defeats Takanosho
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (Frontal Push Out)

Nishikigi defeats Asanoyama
Winning Kimarite: Uwatenage (Over Arm Throw)

Wakamotoharu defeats Shodai
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (Frontal Force Out)

Abi defeats Daieisho
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (Frontal Push Out)

Kotonowaka defeats Tamawashi
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (Frontal Push Out)

Takakeisho defeats Meisei
Winning Kimarite: Tsukiotoshi (Thrust Down)

Hokutofuji defeats Kirishima
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (Frontal Force Out)

Tobizaru defeats Hoshoryu
Winning Kimarite: Okuridashi (Rear Push Out)


Hokutofuji – 3-0
Onosho – 3-0
Kinbozan – 3-0
Mitakeumi – 3-0
Sadanoumi – 3-0
Atamifuji – 3-0
Takakeisho – 2-1
Kirishima – 2-1
Kotonowaka – 2-1
Nishikigi – 2-1
Tobizaru – 2-1
Asanoyama – 2-1
Abi – 2-1
Shonannoumi – 2-1
Gonoyama – 2-1
Takayasu – 2-1
Takarafuji – 2-1
Nishikifuji – 2-1
Tsurugisho – 2-1
Hoshoryu – 1-2
Wakamotoharu – 1-2
Daieisho – 1-2
Meisei – 1-2
Takanosho – 1-2
Ura – 1-2
Ryuden – 1-2
Kotoeko – 1-2
Hiradoumi – 1-2
Midorifuji – 1-2
Hokuseiho – 1-2
Myogiryu – 1-2
Kotoshoho – 1-2
Kagayaki – 1-2
Daishoho – 1-2
Tamawashi – 0-3
Shodai – 0-3
Oho – 0-3
Endo – 0-3
Aoiyama – 0-3

What is wrong with Shodai? Why is he dealing with such a fall from grace from his formerly held Ozeki status?

Shodai, was supposed to be Japan’s saving grace to return the sport to the strongholds of Japanese wrestlers after the start of the Mongolian invasion. However, at the end of the year 2022, Shodai would lose his Ozeki status thanks to being kadoban the previous tournament.

Many believe that ever since his favorite anime was cancelled, it’s cursed him. “I’m not sure what it is but he’s been doing some quality sumo, you really got to see what’s on his mind,” says Kisenosato,

As Ozeki, Shodai has wrestled to a very inconsistent record while holding his ranking. He wrestled to a 95-90-10 mark in 185 matches (10 draws due to injury) as Ozeki and just seemingly cannot find a rhythm as he is currently 0-3 to start the new tournament.

Here’s my take on things: I personally think that maybe Shodai is possibly wrestling with an injury or dealing with a mental health crisis because I do feel the anime he liked being cancelled isn’t his problem. I think the problem is in his training.

Fun Day 3 Fact: Kinbozan’s Kubinage win is the first win with such a kimarite since 2018 when Tochinoshin did it to Meisei.

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