Aki Basho: Day 12 results, insight, and current standings

Tamawashi finally on the board. Atamifuji upended by Daieisho. Hoshoryu evens up his record following a win.

A wet rain came down as the last day of summer was ahead of the fans who trickled into the Koukgikan to soak of the last few days of sumo’s Aki Basho.

Tamawashi celebrated his first win today with a win over Chiyoshoma, who will more than likely be demoted to Division 2 Juryo following this tournament. “Well the whale is off of my back, no doubt,” says Tamawashi, “I’d rather it be a whale over a monkey because it was a big one!”

Atamifuji came in with a 2-win lead over the next closest competitors Takayasu and Takakeisho. However, he was upended by a hungrier Daieisho who achieved Kachi-Koshi with his win. Atamifuji’s lead is now down to a full bout with 3 days remaining and his next competitor is the Ozeki Takakeisho, who removed his kadoban status as of yesterday.

Hoshoryu, who was 3-6, going into today’s bout, finally evened things up, making things just a tad favorable for him to a full Ozeki status without kadoban thanks to his win over Gonoyama this afternoon.

Final Results from Day 12 and Winning Kimarite

Mitakeumi defeats Sadanoumi
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (frontal push out)

Hokuseiho defeats Daishoho
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (frontal force out)

Kinbozan defeats Kagayaki
Winning Kimarite: Tsukiotoshi (thrust down)

Midorifuji defeats Myogiryu
Winning Kimarite: Katasukashi (under shoulder swing down)

Kotoeko defeats Nishikifuji
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (frontal push out)

Hiradoumi defeats Kotoshoho
Winning Kimarite: Tsukiotoshi (thrust down)

Oho defeats Aoiyama
Winning Kimarite: Hatakikomi (slap down)

Ryuden defeats Takarafuji
Winning Kimarite: Uwatenage (over arm throw)

Ura defeats Tsurugisho
Winning Kimarite: Uwatenage (over arm throw)

Shonannoumi defeats Shodai
Winning Kimarite: Okuridashi (rear push out)

Tamawashi defeats Chiyoshoma
Winning Kimarite: Sukuinage (beltless arm throw)

Abi defeats Endo
Winning Kimarite: Uwatedashinage (pulling over arm throw)

Onosho defeats Hokutofuji
Winning Kimarite: Okuridashi (rear push out)

Meisei defeats Takanosho
Winning Kimarite: Kotenage (arm lock throw)

Takayasu defeats Nishikigi
Winning Kimarite: Hatakikomi (slap down)

Asanoyama defeats Tobizaru
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (frontal force out)

Daieisho defeats Atamifuji
Winning Kimarite: Hikiotoshi (hand pull down)*

Takakeisho defeats Takakeisho
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (frontal push out)

Wakamotoharu defeats Kirishima
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (frontal force out)

Hoshoryu defeats Gonoyama
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (frontal push out)


Atamifuji – 10-2
Takakeisho – 9-3
Takayasu – 9-3
Daieisho – 8-4
Abi – 8-4
Onosho – 8-4
Kinbozan – 8-4
Mitakeumi – 8-4
Hokuseiho – 8-4
Tsurugisho – 8-4

Kirishima – 7-5
Wakamotoharu – 7-5
Hokutofuji – 7-5
Asanoyama – 7-5
Gonoyama – 7-5
Midorifuhi – 7-5
Endo – 7-5
Myogiryu – 7-5
Hoshoryu – 6-6
Kotonowaka – 6-6
Meisei – 6-6
Ura – 6-6
Shonannoumi – 6-6
Nishikigi – 5-7
Tobizaru – 5-7
Shodai – 5-7
Takanosho – 5-7
Ryuden – 5-7
Koteko – 5-7
Takarafuji – 5-7
Sadanoumi – 5-7
Kotoshoho – 5-7
MK – Oho – 4-8
MK – Hiradoumi – 4-8
MK – Nishikifuji – 4-8
MK – Kagayaki – 4-8
MK – Aoiyama – 3-9
MK – Daishoho – 3-9
MK – Chiyoshoma – 2-10
MK – Tamawashi – 1-11

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