Aki Basho: Day 10 results, insight, and current standings

Battle of the leaders in Takayasu and Atamifuji. Ura loses a very controversial match. More wrestlers close in on kachi-koshi.

A warm day outside and air conditioned inside the Kokugikan. Fans funneled in as a big bout was scheduled today with the tournament leaders, Atamifuji and Takayasu set to do battle.

Atamifuji, who is ranked Maegashira 15 on the banzuke, earned kachi-koshi yesterday said that he was geared up for a great fight. “No kidding, I’m stoked for this battle,” said Atamifuji, “First place is on the line, I just got to get at it and win against a very tough former Ozeki in Takayasu.” Many fans have been calling the 21-year-old Atamifuji, the Atom Bomb due to his explosive tachi-ai (opening charge) and large frame

Takayasu on the other hand was relaxed and ready. “I’ll wrestle my best, Atamifuji has been wrestling very well and I look forward to the challenge.”

However, Takayasu was shredded by Atamifuji as Takayasu made a crucial mistake with a back pivot that caused him to fall and lose the match. Takayasu gingerly got up and walked off. Let’s hope that he is ok.

Tsurugisho was hoping for his earliest kachi-koshi in his career but he was stuffed by Kazakh wrestler Kinbozan.

Ura and Takakeisho battled in their fight today with Takakeisho coming out the victor following a Torinaoshi (rematch) which did not sit very well with Ura who believed he beat him in the first match. Takakeisho was even shocked by the Torinaoshi himself thinking that he lost the match. “I thought I had lost, but, I’m not the shimpan.”

Bad news for Chiyoshoma and Daishoho. They are more than likely, they will be demoted to Division 2 Juryo following their Make-Koshi finishes.

Final Results from Day 10 and Winning Kimarite

Hokuseiho defeats Nishikifuji
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (frontal force out)

Kinbozan defeats Tsurugisho
Winning Kimarite: Uwatedashinage (pulling over arm throw)

Endo defeats Myogiryu
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (frontal push out)

Midorifuji defeats Kagayaki
Winning Kimarite: Katasukashi (under shoulder swing down)

Kotoeko defeats Daishoho
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (frontal force out)

Hiradoumi defeats Chiyoshoma
Winning Kimarite: Sukuinage (beltless arm throw)

Atamifuji defeats Takayasu
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (frontal push out)

Kotoshoho defeats Oho
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (frontal push out)

Onosho defeats Sadanoumi
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (frontal force out)

Ryuden defeats Aoiyama
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (frontal force out)

Mitakeumi defeats Gonoyama
Winning Kimarite: Shitatenage (underarm throw)

Takarafuji defeats Shonannoumi
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (frontal force out)

Shodai defeats Tamawashi
Winning Kimarite: Sukuinage (beltless arm throw)

Abi defeats Takanosho
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (frontal push out)

Hokutofuji defeats Tobizaru
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (frontal push out)

Kotonowaka defeats Meisei
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (frontal push out)

Daieisho defeats Asanoyama
Winning Kimarite: Tsukiotoshi (thrust down)

Hoshoryu defeats Wakamotoharu
Winning Kimarite: Yoritaoshi (frontal crush out)

Takakeisho defeats Ura – Torinaoshi (Rematch)
Winning Kimarite: Hatakikomi (slap down)

Nishikigi defeats Kirishima
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (frontal force out)


Atamifuji – 9-1
Takayasu – 8-2
Takakeisho – 7-3
Hokutofuji – 7-3
Onosho – 7-3
Endo – 7-3
Tsurugisho – 7-3
Kirishima – 6-4
Wakamotoharu – 6-4
Kotonowaka – 6-4
Daieisho – 6-4
Abi – 6-4
Gonoyama – 6-4
Kinbozan – 6-4
Hokuseiho – 6-4
Mitakeumi – 6-4
Myogiryu – 6-4
Nishikigi – 5-5
Tobizaru – 5-5
Asanoyama – 5-5
Ura – 5-5
Takanosho – 5-5
Shonannoumi – 5-5
Midorifuji – 5-5
Sadanoumi – 5-5
Takarafuji – 5-5
Hoshoryu – 4-6
Meisei – 4-6
Shodai – 4-6
Nishikifuji – 4-6
Kotoshoho – 4-6
Kagayaki – 4-6
Ryuden – 3-7
Oho – 3-7
Hiradoumi – 3-7
Kotoeko – 3-7
Aoiyama – 3-7
MK – Chiyoshoma – 2-8
MK – Daishoho – 2-8
MK – Tamawashi – 0-10

Wrestlers who can achieve Kachi-Koshi with win on Day 11:

Takakeisho (will remove Kadoban as well with the win)

Takayasu to be evaluated for injury. Japan Sumo Association astounded by the lack of the need for Division 2 Juryo participants.

Takayasu walked very gingerly off of the dohyo and was grabbing his upper leg near his glute. Trainers and doctors are evaluating him for injury and there are no updates.

Typically there are supposed to be a grand total of 21 matches in the Division 1 Makuuchi rank, however, there really hasn’t been a need for it since there has been a lack of injuries in this tournament. The JSA is very pleased with this because they haven’t really wanted to move any Division 2 Juryo wrestlers to just fill in to complete the ranks.

Day 11 is just around the corner and Atamifuji sits in sole possession of the lead with 5 days left to go but there are others that could steal the championship from him.

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