After the alleged fumble, we left the place

We got lucky in our neighborhood. After the pizza place closed, a place entitled Chasers moved in. OK, so the food isn’t much to write home about but get this, you can request any NFL game and they will put it on for you. Now that’s cool.

So of course, the Redskins-Lions game went on for my enjoyment. That’s the same Lions team that us Skins have beaten at home since the beginning of time.

And here came our first big break. DeAngelo Hall, pulled out a pick six on the guests and Washington was up. Yes, winless Washington.

That reminds me. My oldest boy and I attended a game at Soldier Field a few years back. Of course the Skins were in town and it was hot as heck in Chicago.

That was the game in which Hall went nuts. He had 4 interceptions of Jay Cutler and the Skins won.

Still, what’s wrong with this defense? They couldn’t seem to get to the QB. We would get a 3rd-down-and-8 and the Lions would pick those first downs up because we couldn’t get a rush on.

No matter, we are in this game. And let’s go to the big play of the game. The game is knotted at 17-17 and the Skins are stationed at mid field. Robert Griffin starts to run the ball and he actually looks good doing it. He crosses deep in Detroit territory and starts to go into a slide like he no doubt has been told to. So he’s down right?

Well, the ball comes loose while he slides. No matter, he’s down.

The referees confer and decide it’s a real fumble. I yell out. Stinking NFL. Don’t they know he was down. Idiots. My boys wanted to watch the game. I was so mad, I said we were leaving. We are about 50 steps away from this establishment. So we went home. I’m sulking over this blown call.

I read the information after the game and evidently the call was correct. It’s a bad rule. And Mr. Griffin, next time hold on to the football won’t you.

The Lions took advantage of this mistake and turned this toss-up game into a 27-20 victory.

Another game snatched away from us. OK, the defense was a little better this time around. That Ryan Kerrigan is quite the player on the Washington side.

How about this? Let’s go to Oakland next week and destroy them. To the tune of 45-21. Hey the Raiders offense isn’t all that bad.



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