Abbey Burger Bistro review

This little burger place is located in Federal Hill.  It is a little hidden, but I have been here twice.

Food– One of the best burger places I have ever been to.  If you like burgers, this is the place to go, they have everything from chili burgers to kangerou burgers.  If you do not like burgers, then you might want to look at another place.  The chili burger is terrific.  Grade 9

Service– Both times I have been to this place, I have sat at the bar and have received great service.  Even during the busiest time, the servers and bartenders are always attentive.  Grade 10

Viewing experience– My friends and I did not go to this restaurant to watch sports but they have enough televisions.  It may not have the same amount of screens as a typical sports bar, but they do have a few big screens to satisfy watching a game.  Grade 7

Drink specials–  Abbey has a vast beer selection, but the prices are a bit high.  Every mixed drink was at least $7.50 and the cheapest draft beer was $3.50,  kind of expensive. Being that it is downtown, prices are taken into consideration.  Grade 5

Bartenders– The bartenders are always great.  Each time I have gone to Abbey Burger Bistro, the bartenders have been fast and attentive.  The bartenders also take food orders and wait on you.  Grade 10

Atmosphere– It is more of a restaurant than a typical bar, which can be a good thing.  It is a place where you can bring kids without having to worry about people acting crazy. Grade 9

Overall– It is a great place to go. If you want a burger, you may not find a better place.  They have great service and are clean.  The only real negative is the high drink prices.  Grade 8.5

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