A Thank You to the Greatest Quarterback in Ravens’ Franchise History

It was just before noon today when news broke out that quarterback Joe Flacco, a former Super Bowl MVP and 11 year starter for the Ravens, will be traded to the Denver Broncos. The trade will process on March 13th, the start of a new NFL year. Adam Schefter originally tweeted out the news, clarifying that no other information on the terms of the deal will be available as teams are prohibited from disclosing this information.

While at times it may have seemed like he was under-appreciated, true Ravens fans always knew what Joe meant to this organization. It was moments like the Mile High Miracle that made Ravens fans truly appreciate his time in Baltimore, and know that he will never be forgotten. Who honestly thought that ball would make it over the safety and into Jacoby Jones’ hands? That was only one of many plays in his career that made Joe Flacco so special.

Perhaps Flacco’s greatest moment came off the field this year, however. Following a 3 game skid and a tough loss to Pittsburgh on their home turf in 2018, The Ravens headed to the bye week appearing more burnt out and banged up then ever. Flacco was no exception. The Ravens announced he had suffered what was described as a small tear in his hip during the Pittsburgh game. It was now time for the rookie Lamar Jackson to take the reigns of the team, and there was no turning back from that point.

Jackson and the Ravens finished out the season going 6-1 and winning the AFC north for the first time since 2012. When he was cleared to return to action, Joe Flacco had every reason to be frustrated and lash out at the team. He had lost his starting job to a rookie with sub-par throwing mechanics and ball security issues. Yet, that was just not the Joe Flacco way. He was all class, always.

Say what you want about Joe Flacco, but he brought this city a second Super Bowl, and that cannot be disputed. His 2012/2013 postseason was one of the most dominant quarterback performances in the history of the NFL, throwing for 11 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Who knows how many more Super Bowls he could have won if the Ravens committed to surrounding him with talent and an above average offensive line?

Nonetheless, I wish the best of luck to the newest member of the Denver Broncos, Joe Flacco. I know I’ll be rooting for you as long as you’re not playing Baltimore, and I look forward to seeing you being inducted to the Ravens Ring of Honor one day. Thanks for everything, Joe.

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