85-80 Final: Maryland Terps (W) basketball lose to UCLA Bruins (W) basketball

The Maryland Terrapins Women’s Basketball team lost to the UCLA Bruins Women’s Basketball team 85 to 80 in the second round of the NCAA Tournament.  The Terps season is now over. They were the last remaining college basketball team left playing. Terp #5 Kaila Charles, was a sight to see having a total of 23 points to the 80 final points the Terps racked up. Terp #24, Stephanie Jones, did her fair share of work. She scored her fair share of 15 points that she put on the board as well. Terp #1, Shakira Austin, added another 15 points to the scoreboard. Terp #11, Taylor Mikesell, did her 14 points last night to help the Lady Terrapins out. T. Mikesell did not do so well on the three point line last night. She did not have those fire baskets like she did against Radford. Bruin #21, Michaela Onyenwere, was on her game and brought the heat to the court, having a total of 30 points to the 85 final points for the Bruins. She is a draft pick for the WNBA this season. Bruin #24, Japreece Dean, really stood out to me. Her free throws were on point last night, going 8-8 at the line. She did not miss a single one. She gave the team a total of 22 points between the free throw line and all of her assists. What could the Lady Terrapins have done to have a better score? I know the score was close, but here is the difference between both teams. Being an old ball player myself, I have seen two things they need to improve on. 1. Rebounding and boxing out is key to winning games. The more quickly you are on your feet and pushing out the offender while they are in the paint is key to getting the turnover percentage higher on the other team. 2. Free throw percentage needs improvement. The Lady Terrapins only made half of their free throws last night. Terp #5, Kaila Charles, made 5 out of her 7 free throws. Terp #24, Stephanie Jones, made 1 out of her 4 free throws. Bruin #24, Japreece Dean, made 8 out of her 8 free throws. The stats have it. University of Maryland Women’s Program is young, and they have plenty of time to develop. They will be an unstoppable team in a year or two. Go Maryland Terps!
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