Wizards Week In Review

Unlike Ashanti, I’m never here when you call, and I’ve rarely been on time…with the recaps.

The return from All-Star break has seen the Wizards take on 3 opponents, the Cavaliers, the Hornets and the 76ers. Tonight at 8p.m. will be the Milwaukee Bucks.

Wizards vs. Cavaliers
Wizards Statistics Leaders: Beal-18pts, Beal-9a, Porter-8r, Morris-8r.
The Wizards are still without John Wall and the Cavaliers were without Kevin Love.
The Wizards won this game 110-103. I thought this game stayed pretty close and the Wizards showed that they’re capable of keeping pace with the Cavaliers. Followers did remind me, more than once, that the Cavaliers didn’t have Kevin Love though. We also didn’t have John Wall but apparently the Twitterverse consensus is that Kevin Love is more important to the Cavaliers than John Wall is to the Wizards. Yikes.

Wizards vs. Hornets
Wizards Statistics Leaders:
Beal-33pts, Morris-8a, Gortat-8r.
The Hornets really have the game play cheat codes when it comes to the Wizards. Their meeting prior to this was an epic thrashing where I wondered if they had a defribillator ready for Coach Brooks on the sidelines.
This game was not much better. My satellite cut the game out before the half. I think it was the universe’s way of letting me know I had suffered enough. Wizards lost 122-105

Wizards vs. 76ers
Wizards Statistics Leaders:
Beal-24pts, Satoransky-10a, Gortat-10r.
Satoransky has really been proving his worth. John Wall has to be getting a bit unsettled at this point. I don’t think that anyone believes the team is better overall without Wall, but they are certainly showing that they can at least hold their own without him.
I am a John Wall fan and there is no negativity meant by my comments. The real tell is going to be where this team sits after 20 games without their star player. Guys can come together and pick up the slack for 10-20 games, but things usually regress at that point. We’re really going to start to see soon how this is all going to play out.
Next Up: Washington Wizards vs. Milwaukee Bucks 8p.m.EST

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