Where Could Strasburg and Rendon End Up?

Well, the answer to this question, obviously, is hopefully staying in D.C. However, reports are circulating that the Nationals would only be able to sign one of these two guys. Here’s some information on reports of where these two could be headed.

Anthony Rendon

Tony Two Bags is the more important of the two. An MVP candidate, he turned down an offer from the Nationals in September that was worth 210-215 million dollars for seven years. Based on reports and predictions, he will be either staying in D.C., or going to the Rangers or Angels. Reports have said the Rangers are the most likely to sign him, and that would honestly be a good fit for him. However, for the Nationals, losing Anthony is not an option, as they have no depth at third in their minor league system, with the next three options being Carter Kieboom (who played ten games last season due to the injury of Trea Turner), Luis Victoriano Garcia (an all-around infielder who isn’t ready yet and needs more development at the age of eighteen), and Drew Mendoza (the Nats’ third round pick of the 2019 draft out of Florida State, who’s more likely to play first in the big leagues). Rendon being a Scott Boras client is not going to make things any easier, either. Expect a contract at least worth 230 million dollars wherever he ends up.

Stephen Strasburg

Reports indicate the 2019 World Series MVP is the more likely of the two staying in D.C. He opted to stay with the team in 2016, after signing a seven-year deal but opted out this offseason. Strasburg is more likely to sign with the team and preliminary talks have sounded positive. Losing Strasburg would be a big blow to GM Mike Rizzo as he builds this team around the starting rotation. That being said, if Stras does decide to leave, that will most likely put Erick Fedde or Joe Ross in the rotation. Another possible scenario is calling up pitching prospects like Wil Crowe or Ben Braymer. Strasburg could definitely re-sign here, and if he does, he just is going to be getting more money for a long term deal. Strasburg talks between the Nationals and Scott Boras have sounded positive, but the Padres (his hometown team) are still going to go after him, as pitching is something they are going to need to focus on this offseason.

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