Washington Wizards 2017-2018 Player Profile: Jeff Green

Jeff Green, a former top five pick, signed with the Wizards this year for the veterans minimum contract and will look to fill the void of Mike Scott. Green is a local product from Hyattsville, Maryland and has certainly made his way around the NBA.

Last season Green was with the Cavaliers and had a solid year as a supporting player for Lebron James. In Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Green rose to the occasion and was the Cavaliers second best player on the night and helped clinch a spot in the finals.

2017-2018 Statistics:
MPG: 23.4
FG%: .477
FT%: .868
RPG: 3.2
APG: 1.3
BPG: .4
PPG: 10.8

Green will bring defensive versatility to the Wizards that Scott did not as Green can play anywhere from small forward to center and be effective. This will be nice considering the Wizards, and especially their bench, has struggled on the defensive end in recent years.

Green’s offensive game is not quite as refined as what Scott brought to the table but it is still very serviceable. When Green gets hot he can drop 30 with ease but when he is cold it can take him a while to realize it is not his night.

The Green signing was low risk as you know what he will bring to the table. It is always nice to have more veteran leadership and someone coming off playing in the Finals.

Patrick O'Malley

Maryland born and raised, currently attending the University of Tennessee. Writing about the Wizards and the rest of the NBA.

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