Washington Wizards 2017-2018 Player Profile: Austin Rivers

The Washington Wizards acquired guard Austin Rivers from the Los Angeles Clippers for Marcin Gortat. Wizards fans were much aggrieved with Gortat and the Wizards desperately needed to shore up their bench so this trade was a win-win for all involved.

Austin Rivers gets a bad rap because his father is Doc Rivers, the current coach of the L.A. Clippers. Much of the vitrol is undeserved.

Let’s see what Austin Rivers brings to the Washington Wizards.

2017-2018 Statistics:
MPG: 33.7
FG%: .424
FT%: .642
RPG: 2.4
APG: 4
BPG: .3
PPG: 15.1

Austin Rivers was a good pick up and looks like he is going to be strong bench player for the Wizards. They desperately need to replace Mike Scott, who they should have re-signed.

Rivers can score more when called upon which means that in the event of injury he can step up and step into that player’s position. When he’s on fire his shot selection is excellent. He seems very much aware of where his colleagues are on the court. While others may attribute some of his success to his coach father, the reality is, his father doesn’t help him see where other players are on the court. He might play better this season with a new coach after having learned all he can under his father’s professional coaching.

For those in doubt I’ll leave you with this highlight reel against the Houston Rockets. Brought to you courtesy of Free Dawkins.

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