Washington is imploding

December 5th seems so long ago. So much hope in a 6-6 football team that was only two games out of the Cowboys and had a good playoff shot. It was a promising time. But as we know, we can’t get too optimistic when it comes to this team. It’s no surprise that they have fallen off as they have, but Sunday night in Dallas was the lowest of lows.

The loss in Dallas on Sunday Night Football was embarrassing. I didn’t expect this team to win. They were down players in the secondary. They only have one real threat at receiver and the OL is regressing. Oh, and they don’t have their QB of the future on this roster. It was the ultimate mismatch. It was Alabama against whatever FCS school they play in November. No chance for Washington.

Washington’s defense made Dak look the best he has all year. Sunday night he went 28-39 with 330 yards and 4 touchdowns. He also had a 131.4 QBR, his second-best of the season. Dak has always played well against Washington, and this was his best outing against WFT since 2019 in week 17 in Dallas.

Sideline Scuffle

At this point, everyone has seen Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen getting into it on the sideline. While I don’t think it is a huge deal, it is still a problem. Those guys are used to winning from their time at Alabama and I get the frustration. If anything that fight was embarrassing. The organization has been a laughing stock of the NFL for decades and we had our best players on the defense fighting.

Looking ahead at the next two weeks, we could see the team finish on a high note. That is after Philly takes over FedEx this weekend, which will be very embarrassing as always. We can look forward to playing the Giants in week 18. They have looked like they don’t know what they are doing, much like Washington most of the year. Finishing 7-10 is better than we expected after week eight. That is in no way a bright spot on a bad season where the team has regressed and this new “culture” has not shown up.

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