Washington Football Will Have a New Name On 2.22.22

After almost two years of dealing with being called the Football Team, we finally have a date set for the announcement of the new name. We have seen teases in a series that the WFT started on YouTube called Making The Brand. The four-episode series was full of images and conversations being censored. The series felt like a lot of clickbait, but the final installment finally gave us something to talk about. 

In this newest video, we see bits of the jersey and a blurred-out burgandy and gold helmet. The helmet doesn’t look much different from what we see now but we do see a quick image of a black helmet. It could be nothing but I speculate that we could see an alternate black uniform, which I am excited about. The burgandy jersey has stars on the inside of the jersey with gold numbers and what looks like gold and white stripes on the shoulders. So far it looks like a clean and simple jersey.

There is a lot of speculation as to what the name will be. Of course, we got no look into the name it’s self but there have been people speculating as to what the name is going to be.

The first thing that came out was the url http://washingtonadmirals.com  went to the WFT web page. The name is not confirmed to be that but it is interesting that is happening.

We do know that the name won’t be red wolves or wolves. Jason Wright said at the beginning of the video that it was an option early on but there are too many legal issues. Whether you believe it or not, I am glad they told us that won’t be the name now rather than wait.

Even with the name Admarials being thrown around and that webpage existing I don’t think that will be the name. Commanders is my guess for the new team name. All signs are pointing towards a name associated with the military. Another name being thrown around is Red Hawks and that is my second choice. Unfortunatly, I don’t see it being that because they are likely going away from having red in the name.

Any news on the name thus far is just speculation. Leaks are possible leading up to the release date but we won’t be sure of the name until 2.22.22. 

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