Travis Pastrana breaks Evel Knievels Las Vegas jump record

Travis Pastrana lands all 3 of Evel Knievel’s iconic jumps on the Vegas strip.

Travis Pastrana who is 34 years of age and an 11-time X Games champion, did his best to replicate and honor Evel Knievel’s successful jumps. Dawning the the red, white and blue jumpsuit similar to what Knievel wore in his prime days, Travis rode an Indian Scout FTR750 V-twin motorcycle that was described as being similar to Knievel’s Harley flat-track motorcycles.

In the first jump, Pastrana traveled 143 feet as he leaped over 52 crushed cars that were stacked three high.

The second jump had Pastrana recreating a stunt Knievel performed at King’s Island in Ohio, when he jumped 14 Greyhound buses. Pastrana cleared 16 Greyhound buses in his jump this past Sunday.

Pastrana’s third jump was a recreation of Knievel’s attempt to clear the fountain at Caesars Palace. Evel Knievel wrecked on the landing and was hospitalized with multiple broken bones, but Pastrana soared over the fountain and landed well down the landing ramp.

Travis celebrated his successes by hopping into the fountain, like Alex Ovechkin and Nick Backstrom did after winning the Stanley Cup.

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