Redskins Trade Trent Williams

The Washington Redskins have traded Trent Williams to the San Francisco 49ers for a 5th round pick this year and a 3rd round pick next year. Finally, after over a year of drama, the Redskins have traded all-pro left Tackle Trent Williams. After a debacle with the medical staff and holding out, the Skins have let go of one of their biggest burdens.

The Skins reportedly had a trade-in place yesterday with the Minnesota Vikings, however, reports say this fell through because he didn’t want to play for a certain QB.

When it comes to replacing Williams, the Skins may just have with the 108th pick. The Redskins drafted Saahdiq Charles, an OT out of LSU. Charles has 2nd round talent but missed some games due to suspensions. His character has a potential to be a problem. Some of those suspensions were due to failed marijuana drug tests, something that is no longer tested for under the new CBA.

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