Redskin Player Profiles: DeAngelo Hall

399px-Deangelo_Hall_redskins_training_camp_2009DeAngelo Hall was originally drafted by the Atlanta Falcons out of Virginia Tech with the eight overall pick of the 2004 NFL draft. He played with the Falcons from 2004-2007 before signing with the Raiders in 2008, after which he signed with his current team the Washington Redskins.

Hall has an impressive resume including being a three time Pro Bowler and the MVP of the 2010 Pro Bowl. Hall also has a knack few others do, to perform the best against the best. Hall has played shut down defense on the likes of: Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, and don’t mention D-Hall’s name to Payton Manning.

D-Hall has also received a reputation as a ball-hawk, tallying 43 interceptions, 14 fumbles recovered, 9 forced fumbles, and 5 touchdowns. Hall is a flat out playmaker and his statistics speak for themselves.

Hall has often received criticism that he didn’t necessarily deserve from Redskins nation, but the fans should have little to complain about Hall’s recent play. After returning to his hometown team on a cap friendly one year deal in 2013, Hall enjoyed arguably his best season as a pro, after which he signed a four year extension to stay with the Redskins

DeAngelo may be on “The wrong side of 30” but you wouldn’t know that watching his film. Hall is a nasty defender with a mean streak and a passion to win that you have to admire as a fan and as a coach. But what is often most overlooked in Hall’s game is his leadership. DeAngelo Hall has been a fantastic leader for the Redskins and I can only see this role expanding with the departure of longtime Redskin London Fletcher.

This offseason Hall has been verbal about his desire to win with the Redskins (not that it was ever questioned). Hall helped in recruiting free agents to Washington, and with an improved team around him, look out for Hall improving on his already impressive 2013 campaign.

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