Predictions for Remaining Ravens Games

The Ravens are currently the favorites to make the playoffs in the AFC and their schedule is very favorable, against teams they should defeat.

Ravens vs. Texans

Like last week vs. the Packers this game should not be difficult considering the Texans are playing a backup QB. The Ravens could have another shut out in this game.

Prediction- Ravens 24 – Texans 3

Ravens vs. Lions

This is the second hardest remaining game on the Ravens schedule but this is not necessarily a hard game. The Ravens matchup with the Lions well and should be able to defeat them.

Prediction- Ravens 21 – Lions 17

Ravens vs. Steelers

This is the hardest remaining game on the schedule and the game where the Ravens will struggle to score points and keep up with their opponents offense.

Prediction- Steelers  28 РRavens 13

Ravens vs Browns

By far the easiest game remaining on the schedule the Ravens should have no problem winning this game.

Prediction- Ravens 24 – Browns 3

Ravens vs. Colts

The Ravens will be facing another back up QB in this one, and like the Packers and Texans the Ravens will win this game.

Prediction- Ravens 31 – Colts 10

Ravens vs. Bengals

Final game of the season and this game will be harder than the first time they played but the Ravens will still win this one.

Prediction- Ravens 24 – Bengals 17

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