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90px-Ladarius_WebbWhen looking at the Baltimore Ravens and thinking about players with overall talent and skills one player is usually always in the conversation, that’s Lardarius Webb.  Webb is a Ravens cornerback and punt returner making big plays on both defense and special teams. Webb has been not just one of the best cornerbacks on the Ravens but one of the best corners in the NFL when healthy.

Webb was drafted in the third round of the 2009 NFL draft by the Ravens, he was the 88th overall pick.  Webb came from a small college in Nichol State where he played both offense and defense.  I think most of Webb’s ball skills come from his time playing offense.  Webb is also a very instinctive player, he often gets good jumps on balls.  Webb also has some of the best hands that I have ever seen from a defensive player.

The problem that has plagued Webb’s career has been injuries, in particularly knee injuries.  Since joining the Ravens in 2009, Webb has torn his ACL twice, one in each leg.  The ACL is a very long recovery and makes me wish the Ravens would be more careful when playing him on special teams.  Webb is smaller for a cornerback at only 5’10” 179 pounds.

As a return man Webb has both a punt return for a touchdown and a kick return for a touchdown.  Webb has over 500 punt return yards for his career and 977 kick return yards.

As a defender, Webb’s best season came in 2011 when he had five interceptions and 59 tackles, along with a sack.  In 2013 Webb was coming off his second ACL injury but still started every game and recorded 64 tackles and two interceptions.  I think the Ravens need to keep Webb from playing special teams and watch who Webb covers.  Webb’s second ACL injury came while covering Dez Bryant, a very big wide receiver.  Webb can not go through any more knee injuries or else it may be career ending.

Off the field Webb has been active in the community and has never gotten into any trouble.  In my experience with Webb he has always been media friendly, sometimes being too honest with the media.

Here is a sound bite from Webb from an interview me and other media members did with Webb back in 2010.  Webb was recovering from his first ACL injury and recently gave up too much information about his recovery.  He was honest after the interview saying that he would love to give us more information but he got in trouble for saying too much.

I think Webb if given multiple years healthy will prove to be an outstanding cornerback like he was in 2012.  Time will tell but Webb works hard and plays hard, something the Ravens love.

Here are Webb’s return stats.
Here are Webb’s defensive stats.

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