Perched on the top rope makes its debut tonight

Starting today a new era of Perched on the MSB will make its debut. Perched on the top rope. The show will consist of four hosts, including the debut of a new member to Maryland Sports Blog. Lee Walker a consistent “fight” writer and tweeter along with Washington Capitals/Hershey Bears writer, and host of Perched on the Gridiron and co-host of Perched at the yard Matt Bachota will join forces with co-host of Perched on the Gridiron and host of Perched at the yard Jon Shearer and a new member Joe Miller.

Anything taking place in side the squared circle or octagon will be covered in shows going forward. Check out our discussions about the WWE including Raw/Smackdown/NXT/and 205 live, ROH, Impact, MMA, UFC, Boxing and much more from the world of the ring.

Check out our first full show today 4/12 at 430 E.T. on our new facebook page All shows will be posted on , and @mdsportsblog along with the new twitter account for top rope fans @MSBFightClub 

Here is a little precursor of what the show will be like with Jon Shearer and new member Joe Miller.

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