Orioles and Nationals getting respect in ESPN's power rankings but is it enough?

300px-Miguel_González_on_July_1,_2012The Baltimore Orioles are ranked fifth and the Washington Nationals are ranked seventh in this weeks power rankings from ESPN, the full list can be shown here.  I know I do not talk about power rankings often because they can very from week-to-week and are strictly opinion but sometimes they catch my eye. 

Odd things like this, the LA Angels are ranked number two in the power rankings but wait… did the Orioles not just beat them in not one but two series since the All-Star break.  On paper and by record yes the Angels seem like a better team but the Orioles proved otherwise head to head.  I do agree on the list for the most part.  The Oakland Athletics seem like the team to beat now that they have acquired John Lester, teams should be gunning for them.

The Nationals seem to be in a very good spot at seventh.

The Boston Red Sox unloaded most of their players and only dropped one place to 23rd.  I think the Red Sox will finish as one of the three worst teams in the lead, and that may be their plan as they hope for a good draft pick.

I will say this, it is nice that ESPN who historically disrespects the Orioles and Nationals finally gives us a good ranking but at the end of the day it would be nice to get fair coverage.  Last week the Red Sox got way more coverage and a front page article for a rookie making his debut while they remain in last place and the Orioles remain in first.

What do you think of the rankings?

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