Five keys to success for the Washington Redskins

After the brutal lost to the New Orleans Saints (4-1) last week there are plenty of keys to success although I can’t list them all here’s this weeks five keys to success against the Carolina Panthers (3-1)

Defense is key if they will have any success. Last week the defense let so many yards pass them by from Hail Marys to screens even basic run plays. As it showed it can be tragic to allow so many yards so hopefully this week they can hold the panthers to limited yards.

Too many pointless penalties last week also contributed to the loss the Redskins went 6-38 in penalties and half of them were right after big stops so instead of a big stop we gave the offense an automatic first down.

Offense must move down the field last week Alex Smith (QB) and his offense looked really shaky from dropped passes to the interception and loss of yards with running there was no progress on anything.

They must force turnovers last week the Redskins lost a fumble and interception but we’re able to force a fumble this week they must work to get more as those can be game turners.

Finally we cannot let sacks happen the O-line must step up as sacks get us no where except closer to the opponents end zone. Last week the Redskins went 3-31 in sacks so this week we need 0-0

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