WWE Elimination Chamber Results

Live from the Thunder Dome inside Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL

WWE’S last big PPV on the road to Wrestlemania. The night kicked off with the Smackdown elimination chamber match up where the winner gets a title shot later on in the night against Roman Reigns.

Entering the structure first and reporting directly to the pod is Kevin Owens, followed by Sami Zayn, King Corbin and Jey Uso. Cesaro would be fifth and would be followed by Daniel Bryan and those two will start the match. Every five minutes another superstar will enter the chamber. Cesaro is sporting new trunks and I am not a fan. As you would suspect Bryan and Cesaro with some quality back and forth action. Entering the structure next is King Corbin and right away goes after cesaro and then turns his attention to Bryan. The three superstars take turns with the advantage in what is some pretty fast paced action. Sami Zayn enters next and hesitates to enter the match as the much bigger king corbin is waiting. From behind Cesaro enters Zayn’s pod and forces him out. The four superstars battle back and forth awaiting the next superstar to enter. No eliminations to this point in the matchup. The first elimination comes at the expense of King Corbin by Cesaro. Shortly after Kevin Ownes enters to Sami Zayn pleading for the two of them to work together and to no surprise KO levels Zayn and starts trading blows with Cesaro. Daniel Bryan, KO, Cesaro and Zayn are all still in the chamber and only Uso is left to enter. Finally Jey Uso enters the chamber and now all men have entered. Of course Uso and KO go right after one another. KO just destroys Uso, who has cost KO the Universal championship 3 times in the past few months. Alot of action all over at this point in the match. The next elimination was Sami Zayn by the way of Kevin Ownes. KO, Uso, Bryan and Cesaro remain when Jey Uso eliminates Kevin Owens after slamming him with the chambers door and a frog splash from the top of his pod. Bryan, Cesaro and Uso remain. A lot of good back and forth action between the three. Another frog splash from Uso , this time on cesaro and the Swiss Superman is eliminated, leaving only Bryan and Uso left. Uso with a frog splash on bryan and a near fall. Uso attempted another splash from the cage which Bryan got his knee up and then hits Uso with a Running knee and recorded the 3 count for the win and a title match later tonight. Great match up where Bryan spent 46 minutes in the match.

Match grade- B

After the match Roman Reigns comes out with his special council Paul Heyman.

It appears as though the Universal title match is up next. Can Bryan pull off an upset after 46 minutes of action already. the match has wrestlemania 30 feel to it, where DB defeated 3 hall of famers en route to his first world title. Bryan started the match with a yes lock but then Roman took over and quickly won the match.

Match grade- D

After the match while Reigns is celebrating out of no where Edge appears and spears Reigns signalling that he is without a doubt challenging Reigns at Wrestlemania. I marked out . Well Done WWE.

during a backstage segment 24/7 champion Badd Bunny and the Miz have an altercation where Damien Priest arrives and chases off The Miz.

Next Match up is The United States Championship. Riddle is announced and enters the ring first followed by John Morrsion who won his way into the match up in a four way match in the pre-show. Last to enter the match up is th e Champion bobby Lashley accompanied by Hurt Business leader MVP. Kieth Lee suffered a injury and will not compete in the match. Some pretty solid back and forth between the three each staying true to their own personal styles. Morrison and Riddle work together realizing it will take the two of them to take out Bobby Lashley. Lashley’s Power half way thru the match has been too much for the others to handle and he has maintained control much of the match to this point. Finally Riddle and Morrison take Lashley down and turn their sites to one another and offer some very good back and forth competition. Lashley re enters the match and ends up putting the hurt lock on Morrison and Riddle breaks it up and ends up pinning Morrison to win the US Title.

Match grade- B

Next matchup is the Womans Tag Team Championships. The Champions Baszler and Jax enter first followed by Smackdown Womens Champion Sasha Banks and Bianca Bel air. Match up starts out with Bel air and Nia Jax kicking things off. Doesnt take long for Banks and Baszler to get involved and the two teams take turns being in control with some pretty good spots and bumps taken. Reginald shows up with his finest bottle of champagne and two glasses clearly to distract Banks and Bel air and led to the champs retaining their titles.

Match grade- C-

Next Match up is the Raw Championship Elimination Chamber. First to enter the structure and enter the first pod is the world champion Drew McIntyre followed by AJ Styles accompanied by the giant Omos. third and fourth to enter are Kofi Kingston and Sheamus. the last two superstars entering that will start the match off are Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton. Hardy and Orton go back and forth for 5 minutes until champion Drew McIntyre enters and goes right after Randy Orton and then Hardy, McIntyre controls the matchup for several minutes. next to enter is Kofi Kingston. Kingston and Orton go at it and Kofi rolls up Orton for the elimination, then Orton hits Kofi and hardy with a RKO on the way out of the match. Omos rips AJ out of the pod allowing him to enter early and AJ enters and goes after a downed Hardy and Kofi. WWE official Adam Pearce appears and ejects Omos from ringside. Sheamus is the last superstar to enter. Sheamus and Drew go after each other right away trading blows with the Champ gaining an early advantage, finally Hardy and Kingston get back involved and finally Styles as well. Fantastic back and forth taking place between the five superstars. A brogue kick from Sheamus to Kofi proves to be enough and Kofi is eliminated. Leaving Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Sheamus and the champ. McIntyre then hit Hardy with a claymore and get the 3 count to eliminate Hardy. Shemus, McIntyre and Stlyes are the last three superstars and exchange offence in very good spots including many high risk moves. AJ hits Sheamus with a Styles Clash and eliminates the Celtic Warrior. McIntyre and Styles are the final two superstars. The Champ hits Styles with a Claymore and wins the match.

Match Grade- A-

After the match Bobby Lashley appears and attacks The Champ and really does a number on him, Slamming him into the ring post and on the announcers table. Out comes The Miz with his MITB contract and cashes it in on a hurt and tired Drew McIntyre. Miz hits a skull crushing finale and wins the WWE championship.

Match Grade- Wow

Pretty solid PPV from top to bottom.

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