First Round of Bids on The Washington Commanders Due By Friday

The Washington Commanders are going through their first round of bids to purchase at least part of the franchise. Nobody is really certain how much, if any of the franchise, is actually up for sale because when we talk about the team being sold we also have to talk about Dan Snyder.

If Snyder is actually going to go through with selling the whole franchise he stands to make an absurd 5-6 billion to ostensibly just go away. Nobody really wants to be hated, but 5 billion could sure wipe away a lot of tears and fill some of the holes where a human heart is supposed to be, Danny Boy.

If he doesn’t sell the team and goes full Leo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street/Undertaker gif on the NFL then he will have pulled off the greatest con in modern history. The city of Washington wants him out. They don’t want him to give up majority control, they want any and every association of Daniel Snyder to the Washington Commies… I mean Commandos… I mean Commanders (sorry, I have a knack for the occasional typo) deleted from history. But who will be the new buyer of the team?

This is where things get tricky. Jeff Bezos seems like an obvious front runner because the man wakes up on a pile of money only to have a fresh pile of money sprayed on top of him each morning like water coming out of a shower head. However, Snyder has proven his most consistent ability to vindictiveness, and he (reportedly) hates Bezos because he owns The Washington Post. The man can approve/disapprove of whatever buyer he wants which, much like his entire tenure in Washington, has afforded him too much power.

I could get into the names of the other potential bidders, but Bezos is the only one who is really known in the public eye and I don’t want to bore people to death. I’m not convinced there are any truly good options because I don’t believe anyone who can pay a 5-6 billion dollar price tag is likely to be a good person, but at this point having a rock as an owner would be better than Snyder still captaining the ship.

The announcement that Snyder was looking into options for selling the team gave me real, genuine hope for the future. Time will tell if I was a fool for believing it, or if this era of unmitigated hell is over and the franchise, players, and fans can all take a breath of fresh air.

Selling the team would be a great Christmas present, Danny. Just saying.

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