Capitals vs Islanders, game two, a preview.

August 14th, 2020, sees the Caps, and Islanders in a prime time showdown. There is a lot to talk about and focus on.

First, Braden Holtby, and the defense need to pick it up. I don’t blame Holtby for every goal that went in, however there were a few goals that looked stoppable. Also, the little things, such as passing to Ovi, when he was struggling to get free, which led to a goal, needs to be addressed.

With a two goal lead, going into the third period, the Caps played very lackluster hockey. They looked like they didn’t want to be there, or care if they won the game. The physicality of the first two periods disappeared.

Nicklas Backstrom is in concussion protocol due to a hit from Anders Lee. He is going to miss game 2. Kuznetsov moved from second line center to first line center when Backstrom left the game before so look for that to happen this game.

The defense was very hit and miss throughout the entire game. Carlson in his first game back, didn’t look to bad but did look out of place at times. The rest of the defense was very lackluster. Hopefully Reirden makes some changes to the defensive pairings and there is a better showing today.

The game is at 8:00 and can be viewed on NBC Sports Network. You can also listen on 106.7 FM.

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